Hello, my name's Laura.
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greenhouse garden shed

I wish I could be delicate
or fascinating.
or consuming.

But I yell into whispers,
and wobble uncertaintly on cement.
I am plain, and unideal, and painful,

I despise myself too, dear.

-E.g | 'Delicacy'  (via eternalit-y)
We’re under the same sky at every moment of every day, and that’s a beautiful thought to fall asleep to.
-(via epikhi)

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this is the first day of my life

Prada, Fall 1998featuring Angela Lindvall
If we were to die tomorrow, we would be haunted by the fact that we’re not ready yet. We have put so many things off until tomorrow; and we have so many wrongs we need to make right. That is why we need to get our lives in order today; in case we really do die tomorrow.
-William Chapman (via sensibilitaet)